Campout at the Lake

The important preparation centres around the hebcooler:

Farmers are the same the world over: If you go camping, take the kitchen sink and the fridge, tons of food – and the rest . . . Whatever you do, don’t take TOO LITTLE!

Organise the crew. Peggy makes sure she’s well organised, bloody mary in hand:

Glenn & Tammy Payne, Walter & Pug Hrbacek, Odie & Gene Mindemann, Tom & Peggy Manar, Jim & Katie Patterson

OK! Y’all smile now! Jaynee, Glen, Walter, Pug, Tom (goofing around with his peace sign behind Pug’s head), Katie, Odie, Gene, Peggy, Jim kneeling in front with black shirt. Also kids Mary-Kate, Jimmy, Melissa, Jeff, Marsha, Tammy, Clint, who else? Forgot the Mindemann girls and Hrbacek girls’ names . . . . (tried to cheat n look them up in the Apache schoolbook, but I think they were at school in the mighty metropolis of Boone?).



That night Tom Manar provided us with a giggle:

Banking collapse
– the great banking collapse of Apache 1973 –

Trouble is, kids don’t sleep in – Morning Jim!! (Jim had selflessly volunteered to guard all the hebcoolers overnight . . . )



Stunning people, unforgettable times.



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It's about life, marriage, friends, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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