Campout at the Lake

The important preparation centres around the hebcooler:

Farmers are the same the world over: If you go camping, take the kitchen sink and the fridge and the rest . . . Whatever you do, don’t take TOO LITTLE!


Organise the crew. Peggy makes sure she’s well organised, bloody mary in hand:

Glenn & Tammy Payne, Walter & Pug Hrbacek, Odie & Gene Mindemann, Tom & Peggy Manar, Jim & Katie Patterson

OK! Smile Jaynee, Glen, Walter, Pug, Tom (goofing around with his peace sign), Katie, Odie, Gene, Peggy, Jim. Also kids Mary-Kate, Jimmy, Melissa, Jeff, Marsha, Tammy, Clint, who else? Forgot the Mindemann girls and Hrbacek girls’ names . . . . (tried to cheat n look them up in the Apache schoolbook, but I think they were at school in the metropolis of Boone?).


That night the Great Banking Collapse of Apache of 1973 took place:

Banking collapse
Banking collapse

Trouble is, kids don’t sleep in. (Jim had selflessly volunteered to guard all the hebcoolers overnight . . . )


Stunning people, unforgettable times.

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It's about life, marriage, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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