Apache High School Trip

We went to a beautiful resort in north-eastern Oklahoma, about 220 miles from Apache by yellow schoolbus, a fun trip with stops along the way. The lake water was stunning, clear and cold – as was the beer. Lots of laughter, love and hijinks.

Apache 1973 Annual (6)


Some facts: Lake Tenkiller on the Illinois River in north-eastern Oklahoma. Named for the Tenkiller family, prominent Cherokees who owned the land and ferry that were bought for the project. The lake covers 52 km² and has a shoreline of over 210 km. Situated in the Cookson Hills of the Ozark Mountains of Cherokee and Sequoyah counties.

I fell deeply in love on the shores of Tenkiller Lake – I often do. Late that night she looked me deep in the eyes and said ‘There’s something I have to tell you.’ Uh Oh, I thought, true love and all that, but luckily she said ‘I’m engaged.’ Oh well, I had suffered rejection before and would suffer it again. Already I knew I had the makings of being a bachelor . . . you’re not meant to feel relief when things like that happen.