All Good Things

So the year ended and I went home. Jim n Katie took me to the airport in OKC. Katie, lovely lady, mentor, tutor, friend, match-maker, guide and host Mom, wrote:

– letter Katie Patterson –

I was amazed and surprised and delighted and wow’d  – all at the same time – when some months later at the School of Optometry in Johannesburg the 1974 Apache High School Annual arrived in the post with this in it:

ApacheYearbook74 (1)

I teared up in Doornfontein! That’s not something that happens often in that tough part of town! I got all choked up and so got ragged by my dorm mates.

And there was Page 2:

ApacheYearbook74 (2)

Blown away! Thank you!!

A bit later, Katie wrote again:

– later letter from Katie – BTW, I got back again in 1984 – and again in 1988 –

I visited Apache eleven years later, after kayak’ing down the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon; Then again in 1988 on honeymoon with Trish. Wonderful visits, really special. Not without my customary absent-minded snafus, but – as always – the lovely Okies of Apache forgave me! I hope.



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It's about life, marriage, friends, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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