Born . . in the RSA-ay

You get The World:


You get Africa (a lot bigger than you’d think):

Africa's Size
– Africa and a few countries in actual size – The usual map exaggerates the size of Northern countries –

and then you get South Africa at the bottom tip, with the Free State in red:

free state

and then in the Free State you get the important village of Harrismith in the east:

HS in FS

The village is guarded by this lovely mountain, our childhood playground:


Here’s the rest of Platberg, seen from the eastern edge of town. To the right of this is Kings Hill upon which is the maternity home in the B&W feature pic, which stood till 1955, then was demolished just after I was born there. Wasn’t my fault.

Platberg pano

There’s this house:

Old family home 95 Stuart Street Harrismith

and in the wintry back garden MY BEDROOM (or ‘country mansion’) on the left:

Harrismith 1972 (6)

I left my dog Jock the Staffie behind:

Koos & Jock (1)

he didn’t really like that:

Jock Piet Uys St

oh, and I also left family and friends behind:

Back from USA

I was on my way to darkest America!



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It's about life, marriage, friends, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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