Definitely No Driving

Jay Wood had a beautiful Camaro, deep green with white racing stripe. Something like this one:


Except for the colour, but definitely with the girl. He had a way with girls our Jay!

Rotary had a few strict rules for exchange students. I can remember one: Definitely No Driving. So I didn’t. Except when really drunk.

Off we went one night into the sticks for beer and loud music. Then we needed more beer and I shouted “I’ll Drive!”

Amazingly (also a beer effect?) Jay said OK and off we went with a foreigner driving on the wrong (left) side of the car and the wrong (right) side of the road. Driving perfectly and safely (* hic *) until we got to a right turn on the country dirt road (most bends around Apache are right-angle bends – roads run north-south or east-west).

And then the wheels came off. Quite literally. Jay’s prize 15-inch back slicks on his beautiful hot dark green ’69 Camaro popped off the rims as I blacked out momentarily and gunned too fast around the bend, off the left-hand side into a ditch.

Jay crapped all over me, I reacted badly, shamefully – but he let me off amazingly lightly. This (guilty) foreigner got away with it. Lucky. Kind hosts!

Yikes! Lucky! * embarrassed *


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It's about life, marriage, friends, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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